'The Walking Dead' Teases Rick and Carl's Season 4 Journey

New 'key art' teases, 'Don't Look Back.'

Fans of "The Walking Dead" dying (or undying) for more info on the second half of the fourth season will be excited to know that AMC has released their first look at Season 4B.

Though previous teases have featured Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in action poses, or Michonne (Danai Gurira) looking bad-ass on a horse, this one takes the decidedly different tact of featuring the newly ascendant Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) front and center. Emblazoned with the tagline "Don't Look Back," we see Rick's, er, back as he wanders down railroad tracks, while Carl blatantly ignores the maxim.

When we last left the show, the evil Governor (David Morrissey) had assaulted and destroyed the group's prison safe haven, scattering the main cast to the four corners of the Earth. Carl and Rick had it particularly rough, with Rick beaten within an inch of his life by The Governor and the duo discovering the blood slathered cradle that previously held Rick's infant daughter Judith.

So with the second half of the season premiering on Sunday, February 9 at 9pm, will we get to see Carl taking the lead? What exactly does it mean that Carl is, in fact, looking back? And will Rick now be visited by the ghost of Judith as well as his dead wife Lori? If we add one more ghost, can "A Christmas Carol" themed episode be far behind?

Most importantly: will the rest of the season feature Rick and Carl as train riding hobos, cooking cans of beans and trading stories, without ever encountering any zombies? Fingers crossed.

"The Walking Dead" returns February 9 on AMC.