How Did This 'Bad Grandpa' Deleted Scene Not Make The Final Cut?

This exclusive clip from the digital release features a magic trick gone criminally wrong.

Apart from their pranky sense of humor, it's been a signature of the "Jackass" movies to shoot way more footage than they would ever need for a theatrical release. The same is true for Johnny Knoxville's latest guerilla-style comedy, "Bad Grandpa."

With the release of "Bad Grandpa" for digital download, we are giving you an exclusive look at one of the film's many deleted scenes, a gem that's as good as the pranks that made the final cut.

The set-up for the deleted scene is pretty typical of the movie, but the results are magnificent. Irving and Billy have a magician's act in the park. They ask a passerby if he would like to see a trick; all that it would take is a $20 bill as a prop. You can imagine what happens next, but the kicker is worth keeping as a surprise until you check out the video.

The previous "Jackass" films resulted in what they called ".5" cuts, which were extended editions of the original movies. For "Bad Grandpa," Johnny Knoxville told MTV News that it too would eventually have a longer ".5" cut, but with the digital download, you can get an early look at some of the footage that never made it into the finished film.

"There are 50-ish bits in this film, and to get those 50-ish bits, we'll film more than double. So you just try a lot," he said. "You try not to pre-edit too much ahead of time. You just shoot and see what works."

"Bad Grandpa" will be available for digital download starting January 3 and on Blu-ray and DVD on January 28.