Is Julia Roberts A Pop Culture Guru?

The 'August: Osage County' star takes MTV News' pop culture quiz in the latest After Hours.

Julia Roberts is as big as they come, with an Oscar and huge hits under her belt. How much time does that leave her to scour current pop culture? Our own Josh Horowitz decided to find out in MTV's Pop Culture Quiz on this week's After Hours.

Despite nothing left to prove to her audience, Julia is game. And so we begin!

Josh starts off slyly by asking if Julia's up with what's "jiggy," but the star is ready for him, noting that no one's used that word since 1988.

She's not quite as up-to-date on her young adult female-centric fiction, not knowing who Katniss Everdeen is, but she does get in a sly plug for her new film by saying that Miley Cyrus' latest album is the soundtrack for her new film, "August: Osage County." Well played, Julia, well played.

Julia uses her strong powers of deduction to figure out what a "Cumberbitch" is. Sherlock himself would be proud.

Things start getting a bit out of hand when Josh asks Julia who People's Sexiest Man Alive is, and she immediately answers, "George Clooney," her co-star in the "Ocean's 11" films and "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." She is shocked to learn it is Adam Levine, and demands a recount of the votes so Clooney can reign supreme once more.

Julia Roberts Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Might Be 'Too Cool' For Her Club.

The star does show off her pop music knowledge by answering a Taylor Swift question, but has not read "50 Shades of Grey." Still, it's a pretty impressive showing from the legendary actress, whose new film "August: Osage County" is out in wide release January 10.

Producers, we're sure, are rushing to get Miley on the soundtrack before then. We smell an Oscar!