Zedd Has 'A Few Special Things' In Store For New Year's Show

The EDM star tells MTV News what to expect at his Chicago blowout.

By all accounts, Zedd has had a very good year. His 2013 included a world tour to support his first full-length album "Clarity," a collaboration with Lady Gaga and Grammy nom for Best Dance Recording. Not to mention he landed on our Best Songs of 2013 list.

Zedd is capping it all off with a sold-out New Year's Eve show at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom. And thisshow is a little different from what he's done before.

"We have quite a few special things planned for the show," Zedd told MTV News. "It's the first time. It's my own big New Year's Eve show."

Until this year the producer had either been a support act for someone else's NYE gig or played a festival. "It's a pretty big deal for me," he admitted.

The EDM superstar said that fans can expect the same quality entertainment they got on every stop of his Moment of Clarity Tour ... except more. "[It's] more than just a DJ set — it's more of a show, where we plan every single song and the visuals and the lights and the special effects," he said. "New Year's will just be a little bit more of everything."

So how does this year compare to last year's celebration?

"We spent New Year's Eve, so like 12 o'clock, in the van, and I had — I don't know what you call them — those little pop confetti things, that was my party," he said. "It was really great."

Working on the last night of the year is fine with him, he told us. "I like doing it, I don't have a problem with it. I try to get friends to come over when I play New Year's, so I still get to see my friends when I play, and it's always fun."