New Year's Eve Watch Guide: How To Kill Time Before Midnight

If you're in need of something to watch before the big party, look no further.

New Year's Eve is a super exciting day, but there's still quite a few hours until you get to see the ball drop. (And MTV's own "New Year's Code" special doesn't start until 10 p.m. ET.) So what will you do with all of that spare time?

Luckily there is a ton of stuff out there to watch, from marathons of some of TV's best shows on cable, to new releases on streaming services and Blu-ray, or some of the movies Netflix is about to lose, possibly forever. If you're in the mood to watch something, there's a good chance you'll find just the right TV show or movie from the list below.

"The Walking Dead"

If you're the only one of your friends who hasn't been watching AMC's über-popular zombie series, the cable network is doing you a favor and airing "The Walking Dead" from the very beginning starting early on New Year's Eve. If you watch from 9 a.m. ET, you'll be able to ring in the New Year as a more in-touch TV viewer. Plus, you'll be happy to celebrate a new beginning because you'll have just watched a lot of people die.


Before the third season of the HBO comedy debuts on January 12, you could easily binge-watch every previous episode (20 total) in the hours before the ball drops. Each visit with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna is only a half hour, so there's no reason why you couldn't knock out a marathon on HBO Go before the new episodes premiere and you're inevitably left out of the conversation.

The Overlooked Movies of 2013

There's no need to bundle up and head out to the theaters to catch the year's best: A bunch of 2013's great, smaller movies are already on Blu-ray, DVD and streaming. You can check out "Frances Ha," the indie that charmed pretty much everyone who saw it, on Netflix. "Before Midnight," "Drinking Buddies" and "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" are all ready to stream or rent.

Netflix Expirees

It's become a morbid tradition that every year on January 1, a bunch of movies disappear from Netflix for days or months due to expiring licenses. Over the weekend, Vulture compiled a list of this year's unlucky films that could be gone for good, so check them out while you still can. Skip right to the good stuff and watch "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Can't Hardly Wait," "Miller's Crossing" and "Brick."

In Theaters Now

If you do head out to the local cineplex, you're in luck because pretty much everything (well, not everything) out is good right now. Make time to see "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug," "Frozen," "American Hustle," "The Wolf of Wall Street" or "Inside Llewyn Davis" if you haven't already.