Miley Dances For Britney ... And 5 Other Celebs Who Go Crazy At Concerts

Watch Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and more, and cop their moves on New Year's Eve!

New Year's Eve is upon us, and that can mean only one thing: It's time to dance like there's no tomorrow, because tomorrow exists in a wholly new year! As you prepare to strap on your sparkliest, least practical dancing shoes, we here at MTV News have compiled some inspiration for your midnight revels. Behold! A list of famous people dancing at other famous people's shows!

We know, we know — you're not kicking out to a champagne room (whatever that is) or a stretch Hummer this NYE, but we promise that you can have a night just as glamorous as those depicted below. Just be sure to load up on the glitter and let your regrets slumber until tomorrow. And remember: Your moves will not end up on the Web like those of Miley, Jessica and Taylor. Probably not, at least...

Miley Dances To Britney

Not only did Miley dance it up at Brit's debut Vegas show, she also made out with a backup dancer. There's a goal to set come midnight on NYE — although, unlike Miley, you'll probably be brutally dragged away by security for your lascivious lip-lock.

Jessica Biel Grooves To JT

The couple that dances together (across a chasm of thousands of people) stays together. Remember this should you get separated from your beau this NYE in the morass of humanity that is Times Square.

Taylor Swift Dances To EVERYTHING

She's like the girl with a sparkly boa of questionable origins that dances into the bar and doesn't stop dancing until security dances her out — a.k.a. your reluctant spirit animal.

Lady Gaga Swoons To 'NSYNC

Everybody loves a good throwback jam, especially when it's going down live in front of your very eyes. Witness Lady Gaga undulating to the 'NSYNC reunion at the 2013 MTV VMAs and try to emulate her enthusiasm when whatever discotheque you roll into tomorrow night starts pumping the vintage jams.

Bey Gets Down To 'Ye And Jay

Queen Bey may be asking you to "bow down" with her newest record, but she was straight up watching the throne at this 'Ye 'n Jay performance. Old acquaintances will never be forgot.

Nina Dobrev Digs On Ellie Goulding

Even vampires can loosen up once in a while, like this "Vampire Diaries" star when she busted out some dervish moves at sunny Lollapalooza. We suggest adopting her positive attitude when midnight melts away and we're left with nothing but headaches and regrets. Happy New Year!