Inside President Obama's 'Breaking Bad' Binge

The President of the United States is hooked on Walter White! MTV News has the inside scoop on Obama's new crystal blue persuasion.

President Barack Obama is many things. Leader of the United States, basketball enthusiast ... and "Breaking Bad" fan.

The New York Times recently profiled the President's television habits, stating that he enjoys "deep, dark or edgy" shows like "House of Cards," "Homeland" and, yes, the recently-concluded "Breaking Bad." The article says Mr. Obama is currently "working his way through the DVD box set" of the AMC series, and he "frequently reminds those around him not to give anything away."

Well, here's what we're giving away: An inside-look at Barack Obama's reactions to "Breaking Bad." Read on for what sources have told MTV News about Obama's take on the Emmy-winning drama series.

• Insiders tell us that Obama's favorite character is DEA agent Hank Schrader. The President appreciates Hank's "strong work-ethic and self-starter attitude," exhibited by Schraderbrau and the rock collection.

(Whoops! Sorry, you're right. Minerals.)

• Obama's second-favorite character is Jesse Pinkman, almost in spite of himself. Even though Pinkman begins the series as a low-life meth-head, Obama sympathizes with Jesse's frequent brushes with tragedy.

• According to our sources, Obama believes "Breaking Bad" is a series that only gets "better and better" with each passing episode, though he cites the season-two finale as a low-point for the series.

Still, the President was impressed when he learned that numerous season-two episode titles foreshadowed the climactic plane crash.

• We've also learned that "Breaking Bad" has influenced the President's decision-making and diplomatic tactics in recent months.


• Over the weekend, the President finished the season four finale:

"It just goes to show how far he's fallen," he added. "'Mr. Chipps to Scarface' indeed."

• But sadly, certain portions of the final season — including the death of Obama's favorite character — have already been spoiled.

• In an effort to prevent more spoilers, the President has ordered a "'Breaking Bad' lockdown," canceling numerous meetings and scheduled appearances in order to finish the series without further hitches.

Stay tuned to MTV News for future details on Obama's "Breaking Bad" binge.