Lea Michele Calls For Ceasefire On 'Battlefield': Listen Now

Louder singer finds herself in the rubble of a dissolved relationship on the followup to 'Cannonball.'

On the fierce lead single off her debut album, Lea Michele told everyone that, despite all bullets fired her way this year, she's "flying like a cannonball." And on the just-released second single off Louder, she still hasn't laid down her weapons.

But "Battlefield," the follow-up to the "very, very personal" "Cannonball," isn't so much a call to arms as it is a ceasefire. The nearly four-minute ballad, which premiered Friday (December 27) on JustJared, finds Michele in the thick of a dissolving relationship, the honeymoon phase far behind them and their weapons drawn.

"What seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield," she sings as she mourns feelings "shifting like the tides." "Peace will come when one of us puts down the gun."

Like "Cannonball," "Battlefield" is both aggressive and intimate. And that's exactly what Michele wanted on her March 6 album. In an interview with MTV News earlier this month, the "Glee" star said she wanted Louder to not only deal head-on with the death of co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith, but also give her fans a better portrait of the girl behind Rachel Berry.

"What's funny, I was talking to my mom and she's like, 'This is the opportunity for people to really get to see you, who you are in a personal way,' " she told MTV News. "And I'm excited about that because I've played a character for so long, singing these cover songs, which has been so awesome, and now I'm kind of ready to let people know who Lea Michele really is."