Miley Cyrus Goes To Bed, Bath And Way Beyond In Steamy 'Adore You' Video

Cyrus rolls around in her underwear in new clip.

Miley Cyrus gave fans the ultimate Christmas present: the full-length video for the Bangerz ballad "Adore You." While the clip was supposed to debut early Thursday morning (December 26), it leaked early, so while Smilers ripped open their gifts at home, they could also watch an unwrapped Miley writhing around nearly naked under the sheets in the intimate clip.

After a series of provocative teasers, the finished video fulfills the steamy promise of early looks, with Cyrus writhing around under the sheets in her underwear in what is made to look like self-shot video footage. She's also caught in a bathtub wearing a black meshy minidress, slinking around in what appears to be an indoor rainstorm.

Shot like a series of video selfies, with bits in infrared, the visual for Miley's latest single is another button-pusher, sure to grab headlines for several scenes in which it seems as if Cyrus is taking care of business just fine on her own.

Every Naughty Moment In The Video, Presented As GIFs

Though she was a bit mad that someone jumped the gun, Miley accepted the leak in stride with a message to Smilers on Thursday letting them know the clip was out.

And while the family then-and-now photos she shared on Christmas were supercute, chances are the Cyrus gang wasn't rocking around the tree to the "Adore" video. Awkward.