Kanye Crowns Drake 'Rap God' -- Sorry Eminem

Drizzy got a Yeezus shout-out and then they partied together after the show in Toronto.

Kanye West and Drake went public with their mutual admiration for each other during OVO Fest, finally bedding rumors of bad blood between the two, and since then, they've only continued to heap on the praises.

On Sunday night, Kanye's Yeezus Tour touched down at Toronto's Air Canada Centre and Drake came out to show some love since the G.O.O.D. Music CEO did the same for him just a few months earlier. Drizzy Instgrammed a photo of 'Ye and his elaborate set with the caption, "Guess the money shoulda changed him," but he probably didn't expect to get a personal shout-out before the show wrapped.

"I want to thank the rap god Drake for coming out tonight," Kanye said to the audience later in the night, his face plastered with a big smile. After the show, the two rappers spent some time hanging together at the after-party, where Kanye, clearly in a good mood, even hung from the rafters as the crowd sang along to his music.

Sunday night marks the second time that 'Ye has given it up to Drake in Toronto. "As I stand in this city right now, I just want y'all to understand that it's been a lot of rappers that came in the game that wasn't able to do something like this for their city," he told the crowd at OVO Fest back in August. "Me and Hov would've never made Watch the Throne if this n---- wasn't putting pressure on us like that, so I just wanna pay my respects."

During his recent media blitz in support of the Yeezus Tour, Kanye would even go so far as officially declaring it "Drake Season" when he sat down with Power 105.1's Breakfast Club.

But this love ain't one-sided. After Kanye's OVO Fest cameo, Drake was the first to compare 'Ye to a deity, gratefully telling the crowd, "Make some noise for the god that is Kanye West. Despite what anybody says, this guy here is the reason I'm rapping."

After the show, Drake told MTV News that it was a milestone he'd never forget. "That was probably the most important moment in my career to date," he said backstage. "I think me and Kanye have wanted to express our respect for each other for a long time and sometimes rap, the business, the competitiveness and just the heart behind it forces you to not talk to the people you quietly admire."

With respects paid, Drake thought it was fair game to remind everyone that this is still a friendly competition in his recent Vibe feature, stating bluntly, "My competition is nobody else, by the way. It's just me and 'Ye."