Audio Push's Come As You Are Was Product Of Lil Wayne... And Xbox

Oktane and Pricetag talk to MTV News about recording their mixtape on Weezy's America's Most Wanted Tour.

It's no wonder Audio Push's latest mixtape Come As You Are came out so good; not only is the California rap duo naturally talented, but they also had a ton of inspirational people hanging around during the recording process.

Oktane and Pricetag spent the summer on the road with their producer buddy Hit-Boy, T.I. and Lil Wayne on Weezy's America's Most Wanted Tour. It was on the all-star, city-to-city run that they recorded their 15-track fan-favorite, which dropped back in September.

"It was only, like, two or three songs that we didn't do on the bus," Oktane told MTV News when the group sat with us on Thursday. "It'll be like, chilling on the bus, working on a song, 'Oh it's time to go onstage.' Go onstage, eat, go back on the bus and just be working on music. And playing Xbox."

The group would touch the stage with Hit-Boy, who made beats for about half of Come As You Are. As if having the "N---as in Paris" producer at the helm wasn't enough, Lil Wayne, T.I. and others would peak their heads into to the tour bus to see what Audio Push was cooking up.

Wayne drops a verse on the mixtape-closing "Space Jam" and T.I. delivers a furious verse on "Theme Song," a verse that the group confirms only took Tip minutes to write and record.

The group's current single, "Shine," has no guest appearances and finds Oktane and Price volleying boastful verses back and forth over a smoothed-out R&B track. No question Audio Push can stand on their own, but were confident enough to let all of the musical inspiration seep in.

"We had a couple of Wayne's band players come in and bring their guitars and stuff, in a bus playing," Price said excitedly. "It was ill to have people to be able to just jump on the bus and hear the album, get their input as it was getting created."