DailyGrace Is Crowned MTV's Best Vlogger Of 2013

Grace Helbig beat out the likes of Tyler Oakley and Shane Dawson for the fan-voted honor.

After more than 185,000 votes were cast, Grace Helbig has been named MTV's Best Vlogger of 2013. MTV News put out a call to action Tuesday (December 17) asking fans to vote for their favorite ce-Web-rity, and after three days of non-stop support from her followers, the DailyGrace creator was crowned the winner.

"Winning Best Vlogger of 2013 from MTV is a really wonderful honor and I wanted to thank all of you out there that used your fingers and clicked a button and made this happen and to all of you that accidentally clicked my name and you were trying to click Jack and Finn, I'm sorry," she said. "Thank you and I hope to use this title to promote world peace, Metta World Peace the basketball player."

While YouTube phenomenon's Tyler Oakley and Shane Dawson were hot on her trail throughout the days leading up, it was Grace who reigned supreme when the polls finally closed. Other vloggers in the running included Cameron Dallas, Glove and Boots, iJustine and JacksGap.

"I am a fan of everyone that was in this contest, it was real stiff competition ... I was going to make a joke about how Tyler Oakley gets boners very easily but I'll refrain from that. It's too late, anyway they're all wonderful, talented content creators and I'm just happy to be lumped into the mix of all of them!"

Also among her competition was Lohanthony, who according to Grace "will change your world and perspective."

"Who doesn't want to be alongside a 15-year-old boy who can twerk like a rubber band?" she asked. "I think he is a 60-year-old black woman in a 15-year-old boy's body."