Walter White Meets Godzilla In This Epic Mashup: Watch

MTV News imagines what would happen if the 'Breaking Bad' legend stopped making meth and started making huge Japanese monsters

Walter White is the one who knocks, but is he any match for the Japanese king of monsters?

With Bryan Cranston, fresh off the "Breaking Bad" finale, starring in the remake of "Godzilla," we asked ourselves what would happen if the two franchises ever collided. The results? Well, to quote Walter White himself, "It's fascinating, really."

In the new version, Walter White, instead of making meth, tries his hand at creating a new form of life, which gets out of control and ends up wrecking whole cities. Elizabeth Olsen plays his endangered wife Skyler, while Jesse Pinkman tries to warn Walter against his dangerous science.

Watch, and hopefully it'll make up for the lack of Heisenberg you've gotten since the "Breaking Bad" finale and keep your Cranston craving in check until the actual Godzilla movie comes out on July 20, 2014.

And if the "Godzilla" producers know what they're doing, they'll buy the domain immediately.