Jamie Lynn Spears Spills The Breakup Story Behind 'How Could I Want More'

Spears reveals to MTV News the background on her emotional new single.

Jamie Lynn Spears may have stepped out of the public eye, but five years later, she is ready for that spotlight once again.

Last month, Britney Spears' little sister made her mark on the country music world by releasing her debut single, "How Could I Want More."

Jamie Lynn, who is a mother to 5-year-old Maddie, shows off her strong country vocals on the twangy ballad. And much like her sister did with her latest album Britney Jean, on which she appears, Jamie Lynn got very personal with her first single.

"It's a song that's very personal to me, I wrote it about my now fiancé," Jamie Lynn told MTV News following a performance of "How Could I Want More." "I had just moved to Nashville so I was really focusing on working and being a mom and a new town and a new home, so me and him broke up for a little bit so I could really focus on that, so this song was written in that vulnerable moment."

She revealed that at times she was "overwhelmed" with emotion. "I think whenever you have a song that really captures a moment in your life and something that was so raw and so real every time I would sing that song, it would bring it all back to me, especially where I am in life right now. I'm really at a good place and I feel like, 'How could I want more?' " she said.

But perhaps that emotion is the reason why people are connecting to the song, which entered Billboard's Country Digital Songs at #8.

So how does Jamie Lynn's fiancé, Jamie Watson, feel about the world knowing about the ups and downs of his relationship?

"He's like, 'It sounds really good. Your voice is really good,' " she said. "His mom and his parents really loved it and thought it was so sweet and I'm sure he does to, but he's a guy."