Beyonce's 'Blow' Choreographer Reveals What She's Like On Set

Todrick Hall tells MTV News megastar Bey was still just a 'sweet' Texas girl on the Hype Williams-directed video.

On her new visual album, Beyoncé goes for a hard feel in some videos, dreamy or vulnerable in others. But for the colorful "Blow" video, it was all about fun: Bey and her crew hit the roller rink in booty shorts and tight-fitting T-shirts.

The singer enlisted several choreographers, including Todrick Hall, to dream up the sexy moves. This week, MTV News hosted a live stream to celebrate the red-carpet premiere in Los Angeles for Justin Bieber's new flick, "Believe," where we caught up with Hall. He told us all about the experience of working with Beyoncé on a visual for her self-titled, fifth studio album.

"It's crazy! I got to work with Beyoncé, who is just my favorite artist, next to Justin Bieber obviously," said Hall, who created moves for "Blow and happens to share a manager with Justin Bieber in Scooter Braun.

"It was just an amazing experience. She was awesome to work with and the video finally came out and it was the hardest secret in my life to keep. I wasn't surprised because I knew it was happening, but I didn't know when," he explained of the project. "It's just awesome that the album has been so well-received."

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Hall worked with Queen Bey on the Hype Williams-directed, neon-hued "Blow," alongside her longtime choreographer and dancer, Frank Gatson Jr. and Chris Grant, respectively. The video, in many ways pays, homage to the disco-loving 1970s and the '80s dance show "Solid Gold."

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"She's everything that you would dream that she is," Hall told us. "She's just as humble now as she probably was [before her career]. I mean, she's from Texas and I'm a Texas boy. It was an amazing experience to watch someone that's so high up and in the level and on their game; it was amazing to watch her just be so humble and sweet, a hard worker," he added. "She was like, 'How do I look doing this? How do I look doing that?' And it was awesome," he said.

"[She's] so involved and she sits back and watches the playback," the choreographer gushed. "I wish people could see her work behind-the-scenes because she's so nice."