Will David O. Russell Make a Musical Next?

The movie maker and his stars imagine what it would be like doing a musical.

Just imagine: A crack-addicted has-been boxing champ alongside his underdog upstart fighter brother, both with heavy Boston brogues. A duet.

Imagining any of David O. Russell's films, such as "The Fighter," as a musical is a laugh-worthy feat, but the Oscar-nominated director said that a full-blown musical movie isn't totally out of the question. MTV News spoke with Russell at a press day for "American Hustle," and the director said that the idea isn't so far-flung.

"Music is a very important part to me," he said. "The holy trifecta of cinema is emotion — character emotion — camera movement and music. And if you hit all three, it's just a fantastic lightning that is magical."

He's also known for casting the same actors in his movies. (His "American Hustle" leads are no exception: Amy Adams and Christian Bale were in "The Fighter," and Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence starred in "Silver Linings Playbook.") Luckily for him, some of his preferred players have already proven they've got pipes. Adams took the lead in the live-action Disney musical "Enchanted," and who could forget a young Bale's turn in "Newsies"?

Bale, though he said that he sometimes understands the extreme emotion that is best delivered through song, clarified that "musicals have never been my thing. I just don't get it."

But, but...the papes!

Adams, however, said she'd totally be up for the challenge, and that the director had vaguely mentioned the idea to her before.

"A David O. Russell musical...that would be intense," she said.