Mac Miller Tells Us How Getting Drunk Turns Him Into Pink Floyd: Watch

Mac takes MTV News inside his Live From Space track about Bushmills — his 'ticket to a different dimension.'

When we first met Mac Miller as a teen, he wasn't old enough to drink, but now that the "Donald Trump" MC has hurdled over his 21st year, there's nothing wrong with wanting to have a sip or two.

It was those one or two sips that inspired "Black Bush," a new studio track on Mac's newest LP Live From Space. "That night was a great night," Mac recalled to MTV News when we caught up with him at his home studio in Studio City, California.

While in his recording space (dubbed The Sanctuary), Mac got inspired by Bushmills whiskey with his recording engineer Josh and a few of his musician buddies.

"Myself, Joshua, Thundercat, Taylor Graves, yeah they brought over Black Bush and we got f---ing wasted. Drunk as f---," Mac said. "We just made this f---ing record that's real Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall Pink Floyd-sounding, which I f---ing love. I'm so happy it gets to see the light and gets to be heard."

"Black Bush" was originally recorded for Mac's June album Watching Movies with the Sound Off, but was left off the album's final sequencing, resurfacing this week when Live From Space was released on Tuesday.

The psychedelic-sounding track wouldn't match most rappers, but Mac shoots moody and monotone rhymes over trippy guitar licks and a groovy baseline. "When 'Pac rocked with SGE smoking blunts in Hollywood/ I was a youngin' who didn't know sh-- 'bout nothin'/ And now I'm 21 and I feel like I'm onto something," he raps before alluding to an emphysema diagnosis.

It's difficult to tell how serious Mac is about his health concerns — it could be that he just couldn't find anything else to rhyme with "Ebenezer." Lung disease aside, "Black Bush" is an ambient ride through the free-wheeling mind of a still-developing lyricist; Mac credits the whiskey.

"Everybody looks at alcohol all the time like it's this party thing. I haven't partied since I was 18 or 19, really. So the Black Bush was like this ticket to a different dimension," he said.