Steve Carell Is 'Like A Croissant': 5 Weird Things We Learned About The 'Anchorman' Cast

Our interview with Carell and Paul Rudd started off normal enough, but that changed quickly.

When MTV News agreed to sit down with the cast of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," we expected the same kind of serious, hard-hitting journalism that you expect from us, asking the tough questions and taking no prisoners.

But unfortunately, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell were expecting that as well.

Once in the room with MTV News, Carell told his co-star to keep a tight lip, knowing how interviews can become traps. The talk that followed was highly informative, but not at all in the way that we expected.

This is what we learned.

1. The more you get to know Paul Rudd, the more you will like Paul Rudd.

Obviously, how do you explain the fact that he has gotten more and more handsome over the years?

2. Steve is comfortable (physically) to work with.

Well, from the way that Paul Rudd is laying across his co-star, we wouldn't mind knowing what that's like. It looks kind of nice.

3. Steve is like a toasted croissant.

It was a very odd comparison for Rudd to make, but you know what? The more he described why the former "Office" castmember is like the popular French baked good, the more sense it made.

4. The only movie like "Anchorman 2" is the French lesbian romance "Blue Is the Warmest Color."

Don't get the wrong idea. What Rudd is referring to is the graphic 15-minute sex scene in the middle of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues." (We're kidding.)(We think.)

5. They have a weird thing about candy.

An important part of getting out of a tough interview alive is to make the journalist eat mints in a strange, almost sexual way.