9 Best Cee Lo-isms From 'The Voice'

MTV News picks the most head-scratching quotes from the coach this season.

OK, so Cee Lo Green's team didn't win "The Voice" this season. Actually, he didn't even make the top three, but he did drop some knowledge. Whether you did or didn't understand it is secondary, because they were all quite entertaining.

The show poked fun at its very own "Confucius" when they unveiled "The Poetry of Life," highlighting some of the coaches' deepest insights. Without further ado, here are our favorite Cee Lo-isms from season five:

When he said this to Caroline Pennell, we could only imagine Purrfect the Cat and Lady the Cockatoo frolicking in those visions.

Don't worry, he's just fine, but Kat Robichaud's blind audition certainly lit Cee Lo up.

Ya don't say! Instead of Ray Boudreaux, to whom this was addressed, we so wish Cee Lo would show us how it's really done.

Say that again? Don't worry, James Wolpert thought the same thing.

This might have actually been a statement supporting girl, one that Kat Robichaud kindly accepted.

Runner-up Jacquie Lee took this one to heart, naming her voice "Bertha Cee Lo Green," as a result.

Cee Lo's advice for the semi-finalists actually made sense.

It was such a beautiful poem until you realized it was written to 17-year-old Caroline Pennell ... and then it became a bit weird.

I guess the real question is, who hasn't?! This was actually directed at James Wolpert after he sang Meatloaf's "I'd Do Anything For Love," but we prefer to think he was talking about food.

Amen, sister.