Justin Bieber, Tyga Try To Shake The Paparazzi In 'Wait For A Minute' Video: Watch Now

Tyga tells MTV News that the video is very 'Matrix'-inspired.

It's not easy being famous — especially when you want to cozy up to your girl. And that's just the scenario Tyga and Justin Bieber are facing in their video for "Wait For A Minute," released on Thursday (December 19).

It takes place in a maze-like world filled with fans and paparazzi hungry for a piece of the rapper and singer. And while the performers just want to spend a little quality time with their respective girlfriends, they have a hard time getting away from the masses.

Luckily, they have a device that can momentarily freeze time, but never for long enough. Still everywhere the couples go, the mob follows. They eventually meet up in the futuristic world, but still can't shake the fans. As the video closes out, the duos make their way out of the structure and onto the street — where they are greeted with, you guessed it, more unwanted attention. However, they make their getaways in their pricey sports cars, zooming away from everyone.

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The track is featured on the rapper's upcoming release The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty. MTV News was on set with the duo when they shot the visual back in November.

"We're freezing time and switching different worlds trying to get away from certain things — the negative that comes with the lifestyle," the Young Money rapper explained about the video's trippy concept inspired by "The Matrix" movies. "I just always want to take it to another level, instead of just shooting this regular story. Just be creative and try to do something way different."