15 Awesome ’90s Wrestlers Kanye Reminded Us Of In 2013

Yeezus turned Kanye into hip-hop heavyweight ... in more ways than one.

Kanye West became hip-hop’s top heel in 2013, releasing Yeezus , cutting an increasingly unhinged series of promos and settling personal vendettas in arenas around the world. In fact, about the only thing he didn’t do was lay someone out with a steel chair (though there’s still time for that.)

Basically, he became a professional wrestler. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of Awesome ’90s Wrestlers … the similarities are shocking.

1. The Genius: Because he is a genius of everything.

2. Rick “The Model” Martel: Because he’s into fashion. And also because he’ll definitely release a fragrance called “Arrogance” one day.

3. Psicosis: Because he wears elaborate masks.

4. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase: Because he probably owns a million-dollar belt.

5. The Undertaker: Because he is a God. And quite possibly undead, too.

6. “Ravishing” Rick Rude: Because he’s not afraid to show his junk (remember the “Black Skinhead” video?)

7. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper: Because he wears a kilt.

8. Hulk Hogan: Because he insults people while calling them “brother.”

9. Diamond Dallas Page: Because he is always throwing up the Roc.

10. Shawn Michaels: Because he turns on his friends , occasionally throws them through a plate glass window.

11. Ric Flair: Because it would not surprise us to see him wearing a feather boa.

12. Mr. Perfect: Because this one was just too obvious.

13. “Macho Man” Randy Savage: Because he used to wear ridiculous sunglasses, and rolls with a female whose only discernable skill appears to be smiling.

14. Big Boss Man: Because he understands the dangers of being an officer of the law.

15. The Ultimate Warrior: Because his interviews make zero sense.