Batman, Superman Join Forces With 'Argo' Writer

Chris Terrio will reunite with Ben Affleck, as the 'Argo' writer has been hired to write a draft of Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' sequel.

Batman and Superman fans are cordially invited to "Argo" f--- themselves in 2015.

Chris Terrio, the Oscar-winning writer of Ben Affleck's "Argo," is set to reunite with Affleck under considerably heightened parameters. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Terrio is the latest writer to contribute to the untitled "Man of Steel" sequel's script, set to begin shooting in early 2014.

Terrio's credits are limited, but what he has accomplished is nothing short of award-winning, highly quotable material. His involvement with the untitled Batman/Superman team-up doesn't tell us too much we don't already know, but it does indicate some things about the project's future:

1. Affleck Has Power

Once upon a time, before he was Batman, and before this specific project even existed, Affleck was courted to direct "Justice League." That never panned out. Now, Affleck's locked and loaded as the new Caped Crusader, albeit under Zack Snyder's directorial eye. One of the most exciting aspects about Affleck joining the "Man of Steel" sequel is the guidance he can provide to Snyder throughout the process.

There's no question that Snyder can film an action scene, but he has a harder time getting to the heart of the matter — an Affleck speciality if ever one existed. Now, with Terrio on board, the "Man of Steel" sequel has a proven writer with a proven relationship with one of the film's key stars and creative leaders. It's further proof that the next DC Comics film could have as much Affleckian flavor as it does Snyder's signature style.

2. Words Have Power

With the likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all together on one screen, it's safe to assume the "Man of Steel" follow-up will have more than its fair share of costumed crime-fighting action. But with Terrio on board, the wisecracks will hit just as hard as the punches. This is the man who brought "'Argo' f--- yourself" into the pop culture lexicon. Terrio has Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana of Themyscira, and quite possibly Lex Luthor at his disposal, affording him a fantastic opportunity to craft dialogue for some of the greatest scene-chewers in comic book history.

3. The Deadline Has Power

It's exciting to see Terrio join the superhero game, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves. The "Man of Steel" sequel needs to begin production early next year in order to hit its summer 2015 release date. In other words, there isn't much time for major overhauls on the film's existing script.

Terrio is likely on board for some dialogue polishes and maybe some light story restructuring, but there's simply no time for him to scrap massive set-pieces and replace them with new ones. Terrio's involvement in the film is an encouraging sign, but let's leave it at "encouraging" and nothing more. It's not healthy to view Terrio as the man who will rescue us from repeating any of the first "Man of Steel" film's failings — although that would certainly be nice.

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