Frat Boy Zac Efron Battles Seth Rogen In 'Neighbors' Trailer: Watch Now

Are you ready for more of Dave Franco as Robert De Niro? We thought so.

There goes the neighborhood!

Zac Efron is less than neighborly in the latest trailer for "Neighbors," as he and Seth Rogen go head-to-head in an epic battle of wits, stamina and, frankly, absurdity.

When Efron's fraternity moves in next-door, Rogen — playing a respectable husband and father on-screen — and wife Rose Byrne try to play it cool, but quickly learn they are in way over their heads. One police call gone awry, and the couple are suddenly defending themselves surprise airbag attacks, airborne yoga balls and epic ragers.

While we've seen much of this footage before, one highlight of trailer #2 is more of Dave Franco's Robert De Niro impression, circa "Meet the Parents," and his declaration that Rogen and Byrne are "upsetting Jinxy cat!" Plus, this trailer opens on a calendar photo shoot involving Rogen and Byrne's tiny on-screen child dressed as "Breaking Bad's" Walter White and chewing adorably on blue ice cubes.

In related hilarious pop culture impression news, Rogen told Yahoo! Movies to keep an eye out for one particularly impressive (and improvised) moment from Efron.

"There's a scene where we're talking, where me and him were trying to bond, and we're talking about who Batman is to us," Rogen said. "I'm talking about how to me Michael Keaton is Batman, and to him Christian Bale is Batman. And he whipped out this impression of Christian Bale as Batman that was really impressive. It's actually in the movie because it was so good. But again, I was like, 'F---, how many talents can one dude have?'"

Among Efron's other talents on display here: winking, dancing shirtless and body-slamming.

Directed by "Get Him to the Greek" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" helmer Nicholas Stoller, "Neighbors" will hit theaters on May 9.