Austin Mahone Wants His Album To 'Come Out Of Nowhere'

The 'Banga! Banga!' singer wants to catch people off-guard will his upcoming LP, he tells MTV News.

From opening for Taylor Swift on her Red Tour to winning his first VMA, there's no question 2013 has been massive year for pop newbie Austin Mahone. And beside a couple of hiccups along the way — including having to postpone his MTV Artist to Watch Tour — the 17-year-old's last 12-months have been nearly picture perfect.

But there's still one big to-do he still needs to mark off: release his debut LP.

"My new album, I'm still putting it together, you know the reason why it's taking so long is because I just want to make [sure], you know, every song on there is perfect," the singer told MTV News on the red carpet at Z100's Jingle Ball concert in New York. "I want my first album to just be crazy, like, 'Aw man this kid is like, this came out of nowhere, he's got an insane album,' so, I mean, I've worked with so many talented producers and so I just want to pick the right songs for it."

Until then, Austin has been teasing fans with singles such as "What About Us" and, more recently, "Banga! Banga!" He dropped the video last week.

"So far, everyone's loved ['Banga! Banga!'], and I'm so glad. It was a fun video to shoot — a lot of graffiti involved, a lot of skateboarding. It was a party," he said.

One thing that put a damper on his party, however, was an unexpected storm that delayed production.

"It started raining, like all day, and it was just pouring rain, and we had to wait like eight hours to shoot again. It was the most boring thing."