One Direction's Most Questionable Fashion Of 2013: From Turtlenecks To Naked Ankles

Harry's headband, though unconventional, really works for us.

One Direction had some really questionable fashion choices in 2013, but you know what? We couldn't imagine it being any other way.

From Louis Tomlinson' naked ankles to Zayn Malik's modest turtle necks, it seems the boys have tried it all, making them some of the most stylish stars out there. Let's take a look.

Harry Styles' Headbands

Harry's floppy hair has become his signature, so when he started to toy with 'do, fans gave a collective gasp... and then a collective swoony sigh. Way to shake up your style, Styles. The headband, which made its first appearance when the band visited Africa in February for Comic Relief, has taken on many forms.

There's his fraying scarfy headband:

His American patriotism headband:

His golf-caddying headband:

And then there's that time when Tyler Oakley made them all wear flower crowns in August:

Hey, at least he's not wearing that mesh shirt anymore...

Liam's Grunge Phase

There nothing wrong with channeling your inner '90s rocker — especially when you're making a fashion statement at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. But instead of looking all Kurt Cobain, Liam looked more like the Brawny paper towels man when he tied flannel around his waist. But now that we think about it, it strangely makes us want to cuddle him even more.

Zayn's Turtlenecks

Zayn's turtlenecks have gotten so much attention that GIFs and odes have been written about them (looking at you, Buzzfeed). He wore one to the American Music Awards in November and in the September issue of British GQ. But, as Buzzfeed points out, it all started with his "X Factor" fame. Proof:

Louis' Ankles

We're all about baring your ankles — our own James Montgomery loves the look. But when you're in NYC in the middle of winter, going sockless isn't the most rational option. Nevertheless, points for Louis' ankles — we just wish it were summer.

Niall's Tanks

Niall's not your average 20-year-old dude. After all, he is in a boy band, and he might just be dating a supermodel. So when it comes to shirts, he doesn't wear your average tank. For some reason, his tops are more holey and less fabric-y. Case in point:

Hey, it gets hot onstage, and that looks pretty airy. Let's take a look at his other questionable tank tops that he's donned on tour, chilling with fans and posting with Olly Murs.

Yep, that right there.

But as the kookiest character of the bunch, certainly there's more Niall fashion to applaud than his love for ASOS tanks. How about his weird foray in goth culture? No skin showing here!

That concludes 1D's year in fashion. We leave you with this picture of Harry wearing a bear beanie.