Kanye The Comedian? 'Anchorman 2' Director Opens Up About Cameo

"He was pretty loose about it," says Adam McKay about the sequel appearance.


The fight between news teams that escalated quickly (but that involved no touching of the hair or face) was one of the many highlights of the first "Anchorman" movie, and in the follow-up, "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," the tradition lives on.

Of the many cameos that pop up thanks to the brawl in New York City's Madison Square Park, Kanye West representing the MTV News team is obviously the one that's closest to our hearts. When we spoke with director Adam McKay and producer Judd Apatow, they explained how Kanye's cameo came to be.

"I think the MTV was the first part of the idea," McKay said. "We were just talking about what the news would become. The fact that MTV News became a huge news division, it's kind of strange if you look back at 1979. That's where it came from. When we found out that Kanye was interested in doing it — he's a huge fan of the first 'Anchorman' — we're like, well that's a natural pairing."

The fact that he pairing made sense was only one part of the equation, though. Kanye would have to deliver a great performance on set, and according to McKay, the rapper was relaxed about the whole situation. "He was pretty loose about it," he said. Kanye even pitched a few jokes during filming, one of which made it into the finished film.

Kanye is just one of the several cameos in "Anchorman 2," but not all of the rumored celebrity appearances ended up being true. We can tell you now that neither Jennifer Lawrence nor Meryl Streep meet up with Ron Burgundy at any point, and despite what you may have heard, the actresses were never going to.

"We wanted them, but they were never going to do it," McKay said. "Nicole Kidman too, for a long time we kept reading that, and we were like 'Who is saying this?'"

"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" is in theaters now.