Nintendo Announces 'Zelda' Fighting Game, New 'Mario Kart' And Way More

Fans will get a deluge of content for their 3DS and Wii U in 2014.

As just announced by Nintendo's global president Satoru Iwata, Zelda, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and more are all getting some new games next year. Here's a round up of all the big news:

Hyrule Warriors

In a somewhat odd move, Nintendo is partnering up with "Dynasty Warriors" publisher Tecmo Koei for a brand new hack-n-slash Zelda game. That title above is place holder only so mega-fans can let out a sigh of relief. Otherwise, "Hyrule Warriors" looks to be exactly that: a mash-up of sorts with players facing off against innumerable hordes of bad guys. The "Hyrule" part in the title has piqued our interest as this suggests it won't only be Link smashing up enemies. At any rate, the conceptual gameplay trailer looks pretty neat and might tide over fans waiting for the next major installment in the Zelda series.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

The pink puffball returns to the small screen with a brand new adventure. Taking a few cues from "Donkey Kong Country Returns," Kirby will travel from foreground to background to solve puzzles; and even gets a new super move that lets him suck in the entire screen (geez, pace yourself, Kirby). New game modes, such as a rhythm game starring King Dedede and a competitive 4-player brawl round out the features.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Speaking of Donkey Kong, the latest Wii U trailer looks bananas! After 2010's previous amazing Donkey Kong game, Retro Studios is gathering the whole Kong clan together for another island romp. Judging from the trailer above, this is going to be one tough nut even for the most hardcore DKC fans.

NES Remix

Classic titles are getting all mixed up with new challenges, features, and reimaginings for Nintendo's eShop. Twists on levels seem to be the main gimmick, but getting to play as Link in Donkey Kong is pretty rad. This will set you back 15 dollary-doos but for chance to relive some of the classics (as well as having them tweaked for old-schoolers), it's not a bad deal.

Yoshi's New Island

The games keep rolling in! "Yoshi's Island" is getting the "new" treatment but the look and feel seem to retain the charm and beauty of the similarly named SNES classic. The teaser is short, but older fans know what's what. Newcomers will get a fresh start with the storybook graphics, platforming action, and imaginative level design. We cannot wait!

Bravely Default

Square Enix's spiritual successor to "Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light" is finally coming state-side. We're at a loss for words as this is one of the most anticipated games for diehard role-playing games, and it looks absolutely stunning! If you've been off the JRPG wagon for the last few years, consider this game the epic return of the genre for the 3DS!

Rosalina Comes To Smash Bros

New challenger appears! Yep, starry-eyed galactic princess Rosalina leaps from the cosmos to get in on the brawling action in the forthcoming "Smash Bros." She's also bringing along Luma! Look for her and the rest of the "Smashers" next year on 3DS and Wii U.

Mario Kart 8

Finally, racing fans will have something to celebrate with the newest "Mario Kart." The whole gang's here with bikes and gliders, too. The levels looks just as unique and fun as before, so better warm up your Wii U's next year as this one is aiming for the gold!