Telltale's 'The Walking Dead': Questions Are 'All That Remains'

Clementine faces new enemies and new mysteries as her journey through the zombie apocalypse continues.

Clementine knows a thing or two about survival, but as an 11-year-old, she still has much to learn.

She'll have plenty of opportunity to learn new lessons as "The Walking Dead" continues its second season, if the first episode, "All That Remains," is any indication. The bleak, post-apocalypse zombie series has introduced new enemies and mysteries with its season two premiere, leaving us with a whole lot of questions while we wait for the arrival of episode two, titled "A House Divided."

Here are some of our burning "Walking Dead: Season Two" questions:

1. Who Is Carver?

Clearly, he is someone with enough might to frighten even a strong-jawed sharp-shooter like Pete. Indeed, all of Clementine's new companions seem deathly afraid of this Carver character. All we know about him so far is that he was once a part of this group, and ... well, that's it. It seems very likely that Carver was responsible for all of the bullet-riddled bodies at the end of "All That Remains," but that's just a theory for now. Whoever he is, Carver is poised to have a big impact on "The Walking Dead" going forward. Whether he becomes a fan-favorite hero ala Daryl Dixon, or a fan-hated villain like the Governor, remains to be seen.

2. Who Is Still Alive?

In the trailer for Season Two's second episode, Clementine looks at someone off-screen and says, "I thought you were dead." Who the hell could that be? The easy and obvious answer is Christa, given that her current whereabouts are unknown. (More on that in a second.) It's certainly possible that this someone is from Clementine's life before the apocalypse, but that feels anticlimactic. Our bet: it's Kenny. We never saw him die in the first "Walking Dead" season; it was only assumed. Further prediction: Kenny and Carver are one in the same. Did your brain just explode?

3. What Happened To Christa?

There are a lot of question marks surrounding this character. The obvious place to start is, well, where is she? We last saw her surrounded by a group of aggressive human survivors; it's entirely possible she didn't make it out of that situation alive. But if she did, where did she go? And here's an equally important question: What happened to her baby? Christa was very pregnant with Omid's child at the start of "All That Remains." But after the 16-month time-jump, there's no sign or talk of the baby whatsoever. Not good...

4. Will Clementine Grow Up?

Speaking of the time-jump, what are the odds that Clementine grows up? Life expectancies in "The Walking Dead" aren't exactly long, but Clementine has survived quite a while at this point. We met her as an eight-year-old, and now, she's 11. Three years have passed over the course of just six episodes. Will Clementine continue to get older? Will we eventually play as her as a teenager, or even as a young woman? Time will tell.

5. Did I Really Have To Kill The Dog?

Because I really didn't want to. Damn you, Telltale!

What are your burning questions going into the next "Walking Dead" episode? Let us know in the comments section below!