Kanye West Is 'F---ing Brilliant': Just Ask Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix and 'Her' co-star Amy Adams talk about technology, the future and Kanye's Yeezus tour.

When MTV News sat down with the notoriously private Joaquin Phoenix — a three-time Oscar nominee and star of the new Spike Jonze movie "Her" — and his ever-lovable co-star Amy Adams, we didn't know quite what to expect. After all, this is the same guy who went full-bearded rapper to promote a mockumentary ("I'm Still Here"), resulting in perhaps the oddest episode of "The Late Show with David Letterman" ever.

When it comes to Phoenix, it's best to just expect the unexpected. And it's fair to say that we certainly didn't expect him to love Kanye West so much.

"I went and I saw his tour recently, I saw Yeezus at Staples Center, and it was the most fun I've had since I was like 14," Phoenix said. "It was such an amazing show. That's really the only thing I can say about Kanye, is that I saw his show and I thought it was f---ing brilliant."

He also dubbed one of his own explanations of the big ideas behind the film "total bullsh--" and, reflecting on the plot of "Her," in which his character essentially falls in love with his computer, expounded on how technology has changed interpersonal relationships.

"We've seen some amazing things that have come out of it and some terrible things," he said. "I think it's kind of up to us and what we do with the technology."

Adams, whose character goes through her own relationship troubles, said that she tried to get Phoenix to sing a duet with her while shooting.

"We did 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'," Phoenix joked. He said that he sang the Frank N. Furter part.

"I mean, there wasn't a whole production number," Adams clarified. "I mean, I sing a lot, I just do. I try not to."

"Her" will hit select theaters December 18, and will have wide release January 10.