Rihanna To Tyler, The Creator: The Best Instagram Accounts Of 2013

MTV News picks the accounts that made us click 'heart' in 2013.

Instagram now has more than 150 million monthly active users! Which means that there are effectively, like, 148 million — if we’re being generous — really underwhelming accounts on the photosharing service. Among the chaff, however, there are seas of golden wheat — and by wheat we mean Instagram accounts manned by un-boring famous people and amazing artists and photographers.

As we head into the holiday season — in which our feeds will undoubtedly be flooded with snaps of blurry holiday cheer and pre-NYE breakdown selfies — MTV News sorted through the morass to find our favorite Instas of 2013.

Hit “follow” on the below and let these accounts be your guiding star into the New Year.

Tyler, The Creator

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