Who Will Win Season Five Of 'The Voice'?

MTV News looks at all the factors that will likely determine tonight's winner.

"The Voice" season-five finale is finally here, with Team Adam's Tessanne Chin and Will Champlin, and Team Christina's Jacquie Lee leading the evenly matched top 3.

Ahead of the big night, MTV News is taking a closer look at the artists and some factors that might play into the final results, including the "iTunes Bonus," finalists' Twitter prowess and personality and their coach's popularity.

According to "The Voice" voting rules, if an artist charts in the top 10 of the Top 200 Singles Chart, the "iTunes Bonus" kicks in -- meaning, every vote the artist receives via an iTunes download is multiplied by five. For the finale, their total voting performance on iTunes over all the live performances is also tabulated.

So where do the final three stand?

Tessanne Chin

iTunes: Currently #1 on the U.S. Singles chart for her monster rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Am Nothing," and #4 for her Adam Levine duet of "Let It Be" (although duets and group performances don't count in the votes). Chin also got the top spot last week with "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Twitter: One of the most socially connected shows, "The Voice" relies heavily on Twitter for feedback, and this season even included the polarizing "Voice Save." Besides having all of Jamaica on her side, #TeamTessanne is flying high with 146,000 followers. Chin is constantly engaged with her fans, some unexpected, who are showing their support.

Personality: A fan-favorite from day one, fellow contestants and coaches alike have applauded her for being one of the most "genuine" people ever. Mother Earth persona coupled with soulful swag, oh and that accent, have propelled Chin to the top.

Coach's Popularity This might not seem relevant but it is. The last couple seasons have seen Blake Shelton on a personal and career high, and as a result, he was able to rally the country vote for past winners Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbery. Chin's coach is People's Sexiest Man Alive. Do we need to say more?

Odds 4:4

Jacquie Lee

iTunes: Holding on at #9 on the U.S. singles chart with a mind-blowing performance of "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going."

Twitter: A close second in the Twitter race with 101,000 followers, Team Christina's protégé is killing it with the celebrity vote. After Lee closed the penultimate show with the Jennifer Hudson song, the Oscar-winner gave the ultimate nod to the 16-year-old by revealing her vote.

Even Mother Monster herself, who will be performing on Tuesday night's finale, tweeted her support for 16-year-old Lee.

Personality: The youngest artist in the competition has stayed in the backline when it comes to personality, probably a result of her age. Only in the last couple weeks has Lee brought fans into her cute and bubbly world, after much pushing from mentor Xtina.

Coach's Popularity: Christina Aguilera cleaned up her image this year and got back in the audience's good graces. She gained acclaim for her more unique projects this year: singing "We Remain" for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" soundtrack, duetting with little-known band A Great Big World for "Say Something" (currently #2 on iTunes), and dropping her Lotus album.

Odds: 3:4

Will Champlin

iTunes: At last check, the rocker didn't break the top 10 this week.

Twitter: The "comeback kid" is a distant third in this department, rallying 73K #Champs but he does have the vote of friends in high places, including Drake Bell.

Personality: Though he's known for "being in his head," Champlin has still managed to muster support because of his "underdog" persona, rising to every challenge, twist and turn the show (and life) has thrown at him. It's an admirable quality. His adoring relationship with his wife and child also help.

Coach's Popularity OK, we will say more. Adam Levine is not only the Sexiest Man Alive, but his big year was only made bigger with his engagement to a Victoria's Secret model, a tour with his band Maroon 5 and the launch of his Kmart clothing line.

Odds: 2:4

With all that said and done, the battle is likely to come down to Tessanne Chin and Jacquie Lee, but Chin's consistent high marks on the show and her edge on social media might just put her ahead.

Winner Prediction: Tessanne Chin

Find out who'll wear the season-five crown of "The Voice" tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.