Fantasy Casting The 'Gilligan's Island' Movie

Megan Fox, Tyler Perry probably not joining big screen reboot.

As just announced, Warner Brothers is developing a big-screen reboot of long running TV show and syndication mainstay "Gilligan's Island," to star "Frozen's" Josh Gad. With details scant other than the announcement -- we don't even know who Gad is playing - this seemed like a perfect opportunity for the MTV News Team to spitball some ideas about how the movie could update the island shenanigans for a new generation.

First up, casting:

Chris Klein as the Professor

Kellan Lutz as Gilligan

Megan Fox as Ginger

Hulk Hogan as The Skipper

Tyler Perry As Madea As Mary Ann

With casting out of the way, it was time to turn our expert pens to the question of other updates.

1) Coconut phones, a mainstay of the series, would have to be updated into coconut iPhones.

2) As for the circumstances of the famous three-hour tour, Thurston Howell is a 23-year-old Internet billionaire who created a GPS app.

3) The tour itself will be shortened from three hours to two and a half minutes to accommodate modern attention spans.

4) Robert DeNiro makes a surprise cameo appearance as a crusty captain who has been on the island for thirty years.

5) At the end of the movie, Psy shows up with back-up band Fall Out Boy to play a parody of Gangnam Style titled, "Gilligan Style." For no reason.

The big question of course is: will the Harlem Globetrotters be back? As of press time, they could not be reached for comment, because we didn't try that hard.

More news on "Gilligan's Island" as it breaks.