Did You Catch The Easter Eggs In Eminem's 'The Monster' Video?

MTV News cracks open Eminem references to his old videos.

Eminem's been through some things, and in his new video with Rihanna, the troubled rap star revisits his ups and downs.

"The Monster" tells a new tale, weaving in choice narratives from past Eminem videos, blending old clips with newly shot scenes that bring fans back to his "My Name Is," "The Way I Am" and "Lose Yourself" days.

The story line follows present-day Marshall as he and his therapist (played by Rih Rih) confront his inner demons by digging up old memories. The self-proclaimed Rap God even took it back to his iconic 2001 Grammy performance with Elton John.

If you didn't catch the visual cues, don't worry. MTV News has you covered. Check it out.