Who Was Your Favorite Vlogger In 2013? Cast Your Vote

From JacksGap to DailyGrace, MTV News needs your help crowning 2013's best vlogger!

It's been an interesting year for Internet memes. From the Sharkeisha fight video to #StarbucksDrakeHands, the Web has kept us glued to our screens over the last 12 months.

But it's not just these one-offs that kept bringing us back to YouTube. There's a large crop of vloggers who have also grasped our attention in 2013, and we need your help deciding the best.

Cameron Dallas

If you don't like your vloggers to have a killer smile and a chiseled chest, Cameron Dallas is not for you. In his YouTube channel and Instagram account, the Internet sensation takes his fans along for the ride on a number of challenges and Q&As — and if you're lucky, he'll shoot the vids either shirtless or wearing a tank top.

Daily Grace

"What's up, f---ers?!"

If you've followed Grace Helbig since the very beginning, you probably recognize the above greeting as a DailyGrace staple from back when she first started the Web series. While she switched up her opening statement more than two years ago, Grace continues to treat her 2.3 million subscribers to a reoccurring themed video — including "Sexy Fridays" — five days a week.

Glove and Boots

Tired of hearing from the same old talking heads? You're in luck: Glove and Boots features talking puppets! Mario, Fafa the Groundhog and Gorilla star in the Web series, which takes viewers through a variety of skits and parodies.


From gaming to gadgets, iJustine is your one-stop shop for everything tech. But don't let the lowercase "i" before her name fool you, this vlogger extraordinaire covers an assortment of beats weekly, including cooking tutorials and music-video spoofs as well.


Double your pleasure, double your fun! No, we're not talking about Doublemint gum, but YouTube twinsies Jack and Finn Harries. The 20-year-old brothers from England star in the webseries JacksGap, which follows the pair in their day-to-day adventures. From their sparkling white teeth to their adorable accents, there's no wonder these guys have more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube — plus, there's two of them!


With more than one million followers on Twitter and nearly 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, there's no question Anthony Quintal, better known by his fans as "Lohanthony," has accomplished a lot for his young age — he's still in high school! Whether he's on a California adventures with Ariana Grande or teaching his mom how to twerk, this foulmouthed vlogger is full of opinions, sass and style in his weekly uploads — even the days his hair is looking a "rachet ass motherf---ing mess."

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson uploaded his first video to his self-titled YouTube channel back in 2010. Since then, the now 25-year-old from Long Beach, California, has had his work seen more than 462 million times. Plus, if you're in need of some loving, he blows a virtual kiss at the end of each of his vids.

Tyler Oakley

A self-proclaimed "professional fangirl," Tyler Oakley began making videos when he was just a freshman in college. He's since then interviewed One Direction and talked twinks with JacksGap (the twins featured above) and has flipped his sh-- in true fangirl style all along the way.

Keep the votes coming and make sure to check back with MTVNews.com Friday, December 20 to learn who's taking home the title of Best Vlogger of 2013!

Polls close Thursday, December 19 at midnight! Keep the votes coming and make sure to check back with MTVNews.com Friday, December 20 to learn who's taking home the title of Best Vlogger of 2013!