Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Trailer: Director Breaks Down 5 Key Moments

The pop star takes audiences inside the show and the scandals of the last year with his new concert doc.

Justin Bieber bares his abs and — gasp — his soul, too, in the latest trailer for his upcoming "transition movie," "Believe."

The Biebs joins forces once again with director Jon M. Chu for the "Never Say Never" follow-up, in which he contemplates whether he could become the next Hollywood "trainwreck," admits that he's learned from his high-profile controversies and, by the end of film, shows audiences just how far he's come since his shaggy-haired "Baby" days.

"This is a transition movie to me," Chu tells MTV News. "This was about him transforming and growing."

"Believe" hits theaters nationwide on Christmas Day, but in the meantime, relive the trailer as Chu breaks down five of its key moments.

The Full Believe Tour Experience

"The spectacle of the concert is really fun," says Chu. "From him on the crane reaching out to his audience, to him being underwater, being chased by paparazzi, all the scenes of the adventures you get to go on in the Believe Tour are in this movie."

The Real Story Behind The Headlines

"It started as a concert film, but the more we were around him, the more we got to be with him when crazy stories about him were coming out," Chu said. "We were literally there and saw that a lot of it was just untrue."

Among the moments addressed is an altercation with the paparazzi during a U.K. tour stop last March. While discussing the incident in the film, Bieber says that "they wanted to get a reaction out of me" and "I learned from that."

"We felt like it was important to show what Justin was as a human being," says Chu. "Some of the most powerful moments in the movie have to do with him just being a normal human being like you and me."

Chu Asks Justin The 'Trainwreck' Question

"I can ask him anything -- that's revealing in itself that I can ask him anything and he's OK with that. I think that shows a lot of his character and how up front and open he is," says Chu. In the latest trailer, the first words out of his mouth are, in fact "Are you aware you could be the next trainwreck?"

"When we sat down, I said I'm gonna ask you the tough questions. I'm gonna ask you about anything," Chu recalls. "A lot of stars in his position would kick you out of a room for asking those questions. A lot of stars wouldn't even hear it. I think that says so much about his character that he can stop and he can listen and he can take that."

Justin's Most 'Intense' Fans

There's no question that Bieber loves his Beliebers, but a screaming stampede of adoring fans can be a lot for anyone to handle.

"There's a moment where we're in a car with him and the fans are pounding on the side of the car. Their intentions are totally good and they're lovable fans, except that it's really, really intense when you have hundreds and hundreds of fans surrounding your car and you can't run them over," says Chu. "It gives you a glimpse of what it's like to be Justin every day. It gives you stress being in there. It's just a three- or four-minute shot [in the film,] but that shot is, in reality, like 20 minutes."

The Justin/Scooter Bromance Grows Stronger

Scooter Braun is not largely present in the trailer, but rest assured that he's plenty prevalent in "Believe." While Monday's teaser shows Braun poking fun at Bieber's penchant for flashing his abs, Chu says that the duo is more like "family" than business partners.

"There's a moment with Justin and Scooter talking about how their life has been in the last year and their relationship and you see that they've been going at it with each other, but also that they love each other," says Chu. "They are family and families do that, and families stick together no matter what's happening. It's a real moment you rarely see between the two of them and when Justin puts his arm around Scooter, you realize that Justin's not the little boy anymore. They are on equal standing now and he's becoming the leader of his empire."