Kate Nash’s ‘I Hate You This Christmas’ Puts Us In A F—ing Festive Mood

The Girl Talk singer gets all aggro for the holidays.

Kate Nash goes all punk-rock in her new video for “I Hate You This Christmas,” guzzling cheap beer (“so what, f— you!”), hopping on a skateboard and starting trouble between Santa and a cheating ex.

“[It's for] anyone who has just been f—ed over by a boyfriend or girlfriend,” Nash told MTV News of the holiday jam, which comes off of her debut Christmas EP, Have Faith With Kate Nash This Christmas. “Christmas always makes you think of people that you’ve loved or do love or you’re still in love with. It’s a good Christmas anthem for people in that situation.”

The video for the song, which was based roughly on personal experience, pretty much follows the narrative of the song: Nash walks in on her boyfriend and her best friend … doing things. All hell breaks loose — and much of that hell is on wheels — as Nash recruited Skate Girls Production, a duo of female skaters, to shoot and edit the vid. The girls and Nash both bust out their skating skills as well, and female punk band The Tuts make an appearance.

A kind of slapdash-for-no-cash affair, the video recalls the kind of thing that someone like FIDLAR — L.A. punk band and friends of Nash — might drop.

“We went down to Harrow skatepark,” Nash explained. “I know a professional skater, one of my friends, so he came down and did some tricks. Then we got a bunch of my fans who came down and we played the song and everybody went crazy. There’s a good comedy element to it as well; it kind of tells the story of the song. It will get everyone definitely in a very festive mood.”

Brenna Ehrlich is a reporter for MTV News as well as the senior writer/editor for the O Music Awards. In the past, she served as associate editor at Mashable, penned a netiquette column for CNN and co-authored the blog and book "Stuff Hipsters Hate." She likes trying not to die in moshpits and listening to songs on repeat. Follow her on Twitter for news on cats and punk bands.