Zoey Deutch's 2013 Playlist Doesn't Suck -- But It Does Feature Vampires

'Vampire Academy' star sums up her year in songs, including a taste for Vampire Weekend.

If you guessed that "Vampire Academy" star Zoey Deutch would have some pretty mythological jams on her 2013 playlist, you guessed right. In fact, one of the artists represented is downright toothy. Before we close the (YA) book on '13, MTV News hit up Deutch to find out what songs were her favorite this past year.

After playing Emily Asher in the film adaptation of "Beautiful Creatures, Deutch will tackle another teen-book-to-flick, "Vampire Academy," which premieres on Valentine's Day. In the flick, Deutch plays half-vampire vampire hunter Rose Hathaway, so it's no surprise that one of her favorite songs of 2013 was penned by an act with a fittingly undead band name: Vampire Weekend.

Check out the rest of her picks below: