Ashley Tisdale Finds Strength On New Single 'You're Always Here'

The former 'High School Musical' star released the track on Monday (December 16).

Ashley Tisdale is back and ready to give her fans a brand-new guilty pleasure. The singer has released her single, "You're Always Here," on Monday (December 16) after teasing them last week about her "special project."

The former "High School Musical" star reportedly worked on the uplifting track with her fiancé, Christopher French, who produced the song. It's a mid-tempo ballad — highlighted by piano, organ and a blippy beat — about finding strength in loss.

The song was written about her grandfather Arnold, she shared on Twitter over the weekend. "They say that love won't die/ And then I realize/ What will be will be/ You're always here with me," she sings on the chorus. "And in the darkest night/ I feel you by my side/ What will be will be/ You're always here with me."

It's been four years since the 28-year-old former Disney star released her last musical project, 2009's Guilty Pleasure. Earlier this year, she opened up to MTV News about plotting her return to music after focusing on her acting career.

"It's so funny. I've been asked that question a lot, and I've just always been somebody who needs to be inspired, obviously, to do something," she said. "I don't just want to do it just to do it. But I have been missing music, so I think I'm going to be going to the recording studio, like, next week.

"I'm still feeling it out," she added back in April. "I want to surprise people a little bit, something different from what I've done before. I started actually last year recording, but you know, I'm just still trying to find exactly what I want to do."