Beyonce Has Stars Bowing Down... Even On The Red Carpet

When MTV News hit the red carpet for Z100's Jingle Ball in New York, Bey was all anyone wanted to talk about.

Drake wasn't kidding when he said girls love Beyoncé." And with the release of her new self-titled LP, some of the biggest female names in music are confessing their admiration for the diva. From Katy Perry — "Don't talk to me today unless it's about Beyonce" — to Demi Lovato — "I'm litterally FUH-REAKING OUT over this" — Bey's 14-track surprise is the big topic of discussion.

But it's not just these divas bowing down to Queen B. When MTV News hit the red carpet at Z100's Jingle Ball concert in New York, Bey's "visual album" was hot on everyone's radar.

"I think she's a total visionary, I mean, I've always loved her since I was a little girl and Destiny's Child first came on the scene but last night was insane when I saw that on my Instagram feed I flipped out," confessed Paramore's Hayley Williams. "I've been watching all the videos today trying to make sure that I've seen all of it but I still haven't because there is so much stuff."

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was also surprised by the new tunes, declaring Beyoncé as the only artist capable of keeping a secret of this magnitude.

"She's Beyoncé, she can do those things," the MTV starlet laughed. "If, like, I dropped my album and didn't tell anybody I'd [have] zero [album sales] right now."

And while many, including MTV, are calling Miley Cyrus the best artist of 2013, some are wondering if this release with Trump the former Hannah Montana star's year. Ryan Seacrest, however, is confident Bey will reign supreme in the coming year.

"Beyoncé may own a lot of 2014 with all of those songs that came out, you've got 14 new songs and 17 videos, it's going to take us awhile to get through all that, so I think she'll carry right into 2014," the radio host said.

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