The 19 Best Movie Trailers Of 2013

From 'Hunger Games' to 'Wolf of Wall Street.'

It’s a tricky thing to sell a movie in less than three minutes. You can give away too much, tease too little; or with the wrong music and scenes make your movie look worse than it may or may not be.

But this year, there were 19 trailers that knocked our socks off. From major blockbusters to smaller indies, here’s the 19 best movie trailers of 2013 as decided by the MTV Movies Team. Oh, and a quick hint to your prospective trailer makers: if you want to make the list, put Scarlett Johansson or Amy Adams in your flick. They each show up three times, and once in the same movie:

19. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”
The first trailer for “The Hunger Games” sequel escalated the action and danger from the first movie, while only beginning to hint at the huge twist halfway through the film. That’s some good marketin’.

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