'Voice' Castoff James Wolpert Places His Bet On Tessanne Chin

Top 5 singer looks forward to 'new beginnings' after being eliminated Tuesday night.

James Wolpert has had quite an up and down ride on "The Voice."The Team Adam artist eliminated was on Tuesday night's show after landing in the bottom two weeks in a row.

The Apple Genius-turned-rocker had a lot riding on the competition. He quit college to pursue his music, catching the attention of People's Sexiest Man Alive during blind auditions on the reality competition. He quickly rose to "rockstar" status, with Levine singing his endless praises including calling Wolpert "one of the best singers I've been in the room with."

"It was very strange," Wolpert said of his bond with Levine. "I didn't expect it to be a friendship and it turned out to be one, I think. I don't want to be too quick in assuming this but Adam respects where I'm coming from musically and I do in return."

Of all the top five contestants, though, Wolpert had the rockiest ride on the show — flying high with The Killers' "Mr. Brightside" and receiving much criticism for his rendition of Queen's "Somebody to Love." Regardless, Wolpert has "no regrets" and appreciates his coach challenging him week-to-week.

Besides the "empirical evidence" of Wolpert's faltering momentum (meaning he didn't chart on iTunes) there were other signs the rocker was on his way out. As fellow eliminee, Team Blake's Cole Vosbury put it, Wolpert received the "kiss of death" on December 3 night's show, where after finding himself with the lowest number of votes alongside Matthew Schuler, Wolpert was given a second chance with the "Voice Save.

But is it really a save?

Since the introduction of the new rule — which allows Twitter followers to rally together to save one of the bottom-placing artists live on the show — the person being "saved" has been the one eliminated the following week, buying them a short lifeline. This includes Kat Robichaud, Caroline Pennell, Matthew Schuler and eventually Wolpert.

Forget the past, though, Wolpert is looking forward to "new beginnings" that might or might not include a return to his Apple roots.

"I'll never be done with Apple, Apple will forever live in my heart," Wolpert says affectionately. "I think I might be done working there, at least at a retail store."

As for his finale pick, both he and Vosbury are putting their eggs in Tessanne Chin's basket.

We'll have to see if they're right next week when "The Voice" hits its home stretch.