5 Things We Learned About Beyonce And Jay Z's Relationship ... From Beyonce

With Beyoncé singing of 'break-ups and separations' on her new LP, MTV News examines the couple's lyrics.

Jay Z and Beyoncé are subject to rumors of all types, most of them unfounded, but if their lyrics are to be believed, it seems there was some validity to the whispers that the two superstars were exploring a trial separation.

Beyoncé sings all about it on "Mine," a standout track off of her new self-titled surprise LP, which she released early Friday morning (December 13). For those who were paying attention, hubby Hov also broached the subject on his Magna Carta Holy Grail song "Jay Z Blue (Daddy Dearest)." So what do the couple's personal lyrics tell us about their very high-profile relationship? Let's take a look.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

"I've been watching for the signs, took a trip to clear my mind/ Now I'm even more lost and you're still so fine, oh my, oh my," Bey sings on "Mine," a song that features and may have been co-written by Drake.

Communication Is Key

No relationship is easy. Add to that the pressures of celebrity, non-stop recording and a rigorous touring schedule, and it's easy to see how even the most picture-perfect couple can lose track. "This relationship sh--, sh-- is complicated, all the noise we ain't speaking every day I f---ing hate it/ And I don't wanna duplicate it/ I done seen my mom and pop drive each other motherf---in' crazy," Hov raps on "Jay Z Blue."

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Balancing A Relationship And Parenthood Isn't Easy

Being a parent is rewarding, but tough. Even the Carters have had to make adjustments since the birth of Blue Ivy. "Been having conversations about break-ups and separations, I'm not feeling like myself since the baby/ Are we even gonna make it? Oh," she sings.

Kudos to Beyoncé for being brave enough to share something so personal with her fans.

Divorce Is Scary, Especially When There Are Kids Involved

"Now I'm staring at her praying things don't get ugly and I'm stuck in that old cycle like wife leaves hubby/ F--- joint custody, I need a joint right now just the thought alone f---s with me," Jay spits on "Jay Z Blue."

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

"Stop making a big deal out of the little things/ 'Cause I got big deals and I got little things/ Got everything I'm asking for but you," Beyoncé sings.