'Walking Dead' Video Game Trailer: Telltale Teases 'All That Remains'

Clementine is on her own against the living dead in a brand-new trailer for 'The Walking Dead: Season Two' from Telltale Games.

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse of "The Walking Dead," it's best to heed the following advice: "You're either living, or you're not. You ain't little, you ain't a girl, you ain't a boy, you ain't strong or smart — you're alive."

Telltale Games' new trailer for "The Walking Dead: Season 2" hinges on those words of wisdom, uttered by a man who is no longer among the living. The second season of the award-winning video game series puts players in control of Clementine, the young girl protected by protagonist Lee Everett in the first season of "The Walking Dead." Now, she's all alone — and her situation looks bleak, judging by the new trailer.

Read on for some other stray observations from the trailer for "All That Remains," the first episode of the new season:

This Isn't Child's Play

Okay, well, technically it is. As Clementine, players will control a young child making her way through the end of the world. But the game itself certainly isn't treating her like a kid. In the trailer, we see Clementine alone in the woods, shivering in the cold, desperate for shelter. We see her at one point with blood all over her face — either her own, or blowback from a person or walker killed in front of (or by) her. At the end of the trailer, Clementine comes under attack by a human, who she pushes off into a pack of walkers and uses as bait to escape. In other words, Clementine's still a nine-year-old, but she's all grown-up in the face of death.

Return of the Living (to the) "Dead"

Clementine isn't the only "Season 1" veteran back for "Season 2." The trailer sees the return of Omid and Christa, two of Clementine's fellow travelers from the first season of "The Walking Dead." When last we saw them, Omid and Christa promised Lee they would care for Clementine, assuming they could find her. It looks like they're fulfilling their end of the bargain. But, you know, it's "The Walking Dead" we're talking about, here. Omid and Christa will be lucky if even one of them survives the first episode of the new season.

While we're on the subject of returning characters — who is that person at the 38-second mark? That man with the brown cap and bushy black hair, the same one with his back turned to us ... that couldn't be Kenny, could it?

Memories of Lee

Even though Lee's gone, his presence hangs heavily over the new "Season 2" trailer. In addition to flashbacks of Lee, the late "Walking Dead" hero is seen in a photograph that Clementine carries around. It's clear that Clem is hanging onto the lessons and wisdom Lee passed along during their time together, relying on everything he taught her as she continues to push through impossible circumstances. Here's hoping Clem's story has a happier ending than Lee's.

Telltale's "The Walking Dead" returns on December 17.

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