Lea Michele Warns 'Glee' Fans Of A 'Big Santana And Rachel Shocker'

'Cannonball' singer reveals what fans will see when the Fox show returns from hiatus on February 25.

"Glee" is pulling out all the stops come February. At least that's what star Lea Michele promises viewers.

"You guys have no idea," she told MTV News, sharing that she recently filmed a scene with guest star Adam Lambert that featured the twosome dueting on an "awesome" song. "It's so exciting. [Ryan Murphy] calls me every day and gives me all the scoop."

Luckily, Michele spilled some of that scoop, dishing out what fans will see when the Fox series returns from hiatus on February 25.

"I know that me and Adam have a really exciting story line coming up. [Lambert's] Elliott and [my character] Rachel become really good friends," she said. "And there's a big Santana and Rachel shocker coming out in February."

And, the titles of the upcoming episodes probably reveal a bit more of what fans will see in 2014. "I think that the next two episodes coming up, I think they're called 'Frenemies' and 'Trio,' are my two favorite episodes that we've done so far this season. I haven't seen them yet, but they were the most fun to shoot. So I can't wait for you guys to see what's gonna happen. It is [juicy]," she said. "I read the scripts and I was like 'Oh my god.' "

Come March 18, the show will celebrate a milestone when its 100th episode airs. It will welcome back the original cast and will give the Gleeks a chance to recreate some of the show's most memorable performances, as voted on by fans.

"It's gonna be great... I think the 100th episode is going to be very emotional, obviously, surrounded by the family," Michele explained. "It's like we can do anything together."