Taylor Swift’s 24, So We GIF-Wrapped 24 Of Her Goofiest Moments

From the Keds to Meredith to a Grammy nom, she's got it.

Not only is 13 Taylor Swift’s lucky number; it’s the day of her birthday. And Friday (December 13), Tay’s turning 24.

In a year where she pretty much reveled in the success ofRed and toured all over the world, the singer still managed to pick up some awards, hang out with friends and, well, give the Internet fodder for a bunch of cute GIFs. Which is exactly what we’re using to celebrate her birthday.

In honor of Taylor Allison turning 24, here’s her year in 24 GIFs.

Victoria’s Secret Handshake
Fans are already shipping Taylor and model Cara Delevingne. “Caylor,” anyone?

Stars Are Just Like Us
She wears Keds! Just like us! And designs them, and wears them to fantasy picnics, and, yeah, maybe she’s not just like us…

Bestie Love
“It’s summer, isn’t it?” Of course Taylor and Selena would be eating ice cream on a beautiful summer day with cute sunglasses and boats all around.

And No Love For Bestie’s Boy
She totally got grossed out when Selena and Justin Bieber got back together. Sorry, Biebs.

She’s The Cat Lady Of All Cat Ladies
Meredith, stop. Just stop.

Meredith Gets Weirder
Can’t even handle.

She Really Goes Hard At Award Shows
I mean, “Cruise” is an OK song, but geez, Taylor, you make the CMT Awards look intense.

Justin Timberlake’s Excited-Taylor Face
Taylor’s always said that winning an award never stops being a surprise, and JT feels the same.

Red Tour Goes Everywhere

She Admits To Writing Songs About Her Feelings
What are you going to do about it?

She Made Us Cry Singing “All Too Well”
Damn you, Jake Gyllenhaal.

And Then She Did That Hair Flip Thing

So A Little Boy Gave Her Flowers
He might be a little young for her, but it’s the thought that counts.

Her ’22’ Video Came Out
And we’ve never wanted heart-shaped glasses and cat ears more than now.

A ’New Girl’ Cameo Seemed Like A No-Brainer
She finally got whisked away by Shivrang.

She Wore A Big Hat For Her Vogue Cover Shoot
Oh, this old thing?

Ed Sheeran And Taylor Adopted Kids Together
Just kidding… they just pretended to in their “Everything has Changed” video.

And Now She’s Nominated For A Grammy!
So she paused her concert in Australia to celebrate.

Senior Swiftie Reporter