It's 'Awkward' Kissing Britney Spears ... Especially When She Has A Gun

Model Alexander Kjellevik gives MTV News the scoop on what went down on the set of 'Perfume.'

Believe it or not, Britney Spears doesn't get her man in the video for "Perfume."

And for anyone wondering how Britney Jean could lose her boy toy to another femme fatale, her leading man, model Alexander Kjellevik explains there's a lot more to the story than what was included in the clip.

There was a lot of re-cutting, reediting and the story changed a little bit from what it was originally was, so I was a little surprised 'cause I had a certain image in my head. But I think it was OK, it came out great," he told MTV News before revealing that the video was more violent than what made it into the final cut of director Joseph Kahn's video.

Since the video's release, fans have been campaigning for that other version of the video to see the light of day. Kahn has addressed the fact that there are two cuts on social media, noting on Twitter that he too would like to see it get released.

So, what are fans missing out on? Kjellevik revealed just a bit — and it sounds pretty juicy. "There was a little bit more story. I think maybe the reason why they cut it out there were guns and stuff in there. There were some scenes that were maybe not good for a younger audience," he said. "It was more like the story behind, they kind of made it simpler so it was easier to understand maybe. I think Britney had a gun.

"It's a like a love story, triangle... There's a whole story behind it and it's a shame you don't get to see the whole reason behind everything [and why my character picks Cindy]. It's also nice to leave it up to interpretation," he added. "You don't really see why you just see what happens. I kind of like that too, you can connect it to your own life, you can make your own story up. I kind of like it regardless."

Kjellevik admits to being a "major, major, big time" fan of the star, so it was an experience to have to kiss her in the visual.

"Britney was really cool. She seemed a bit nervous because the first time I met her we were like straight on [doing] kissing scenes," he said. "It was a little awkward like that. I guess we just [worked] it out. It was fun. It was more like 'Hi, how are you? Where are you from?' [We] tried to laugh it away, and then boom, kissing scene. It was interesting."