T.I. Knows Lady Gaga's 'Secret' To Recording

T.I. and Twista share what it was like working on ARTPOP's 'Jewels n' Drugs.'

Lady Gaga knows her way around pop tune, but who knew the Fame Monster was so well-versed in hip-hop?

On ARTPOP, Gaga orchestrated "Jewels n' Drugs," an unlikely, but high-powered, rap throw-down with T.I., Twista and Too $hort. And T.I. has all the applause for the singer for making it happen.

"Shout out to Lady Gaga for calling us and trying to make that connection," T.I. said with Twista on "RapFix Live" Wednesday. "That was courageous and innovative on her behalf."

Twista and T.I. hadn't seen each other while recording for Gaga's November release, so Tip seized the moment on the "RFL" couch and commended his collaborator on a stand-out performance.

"When she decided to put the track together, she wanted to put a vibe of certain artists together to complement what she was doing," Twista said, recalling a phone conversation that he had with Gaga before recording his verse. "It was me and $hort at the time that was talking to her and she was just telling us, 'Man, you, T.I., $hort, I want y'all to be on this vibe, y'all to capture the essence of what I want to do on this song.'"

Twista did finally connect with the pop star when she performed with him and Too $hort at the iTunes Festival in London in September and he was blown away by the crowd's reaction to their collaboration.

"It was big, real big," he recalled. "She had her Monsters out there goin' crazy, they were charged up. Everybody was turned up, so I had a ball."

Unlike Twista, T.I. actually made it into the studio with Gaga, though he wouldn't reveal any of her recording habits.

"I can't say," he said. "Your secret is safe with me, Gaga."

"We had a good time. We really just went there to kick it. I didn't go there to do a record," Tip said, telling the story of how he just so happened to end up on the record after a chance meeting at the studio. "I was recording in a room down the hall and somebody came and got me and said, 'LG wants to holla at you.' "

"I just went there and did what I do," T.I. continued. "Just like that; took me a couple of minutes."