'Reign' Star Reveals What 'Sucks' Most About Midseason Finale

Adelaide Kane teases MTV News with what fans will see during Thursday's midseason finale.

The soapy drama on "Reign" is just bubbling up. With the drama's midseason finale set to air Thursday night (December 12), the CW series' leading lady, Adelaide Kane, promises that there will be plenty of twists and turns to keep fans intrigued right until the last minute.

And, of course, there will be consequences pegged to the did-they-or-didn't-they consummation between Mary, Queen of Scots (Kane) and her totally crushable fiancé, France's dauphin, Francis (Toby Regbo).

"It's going to be very interesting. There will be consequences of their shared intimacy, for sure, not necessarily political consequences [like you would expect in France in the 1500s], more emotional consequences, I would say. That's a really big deal," Kane said.

"Sebastian [Francis' half-brother and the king's illegitimate son] is still in the picture and that's still a relationship we have yet to explore and will explore in later episodes," she shared, noting that the love triangle gets "more intense and more crazy and more dramatic" after Thursday night.

And for anyone wondering why Mary might sacrifice her virginity during a time when a woman's virtue was meant to be saved for her wedding night, the former "Teen Wolf" actress dished that after being kidnapped and almost forced into sex with the Italian Count Vincent, Mary isn't going to let anyone take anything away from her without her permission.

"It's like, who would you rather give your first time to? Would you rather have it taken from you by force or would you rather give it to someone you love?" she said of the choice her teenage character makes. "I think that's why she goes running to him and they end up being intimate in some fashion because she's afraid [after the kidnapping]."

With the Mary/Francis relationship growing in new ways, something else will shake up the castle. There's the death of a key player that will shock viewers, and maybe even leave them teary.

"Somebody dies and it's not a dream death, it's not an implied death... somebody actually, genuinely dies and I'm dreading the next episode," she said. "I am terrified I'm going to cry like a baby when I watch it. You don't just lose a character, you lose a friend. We're really tight-knit, so it sucks. It serves a purpose, but it still sucks. I think there's been a little bit of foreshadowing. I'm hoping it will be a big surprise."

She said it's that death that has her actually believing her marriage to Francis will cause his death, as Nostradamus' predicted along with another death.

"She's skeptical at first," she said. "She's quite a practical girl, and then after this character death Nostradamus predicts, she really comes around to believing that his prophecies have some real weight and might potentially come true. And it comes down to saving the man she loves or continuing through with the prophecy and marrying him and eventually being the cause of his death and it's awful."

The "Reign" midseason finale will air at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.