RZA Sends Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ To Nelson Mandela On ‘Gift Of Hope’

On his latest track, the Wu-Tang rapper and singer Will Wells ponder a world of peace.

The Game inked a giant tattoo of him on his torso. Jay Z dedicated his show-closing “Young Forever” to him at show in Los Angeles earlier this week. And on Wednesday (December 11), RZA sent his own heartfelt “thank you” to the late Nelson Mandela with a brand-new track, “Gift of Hope.”

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper and producer recruited singer Will Wells for a stirring track that asks “Will you ever realize a smile is worth a million cries a million tries?/ Will you ever realize the gift of hope could save a hurting soul?” Before becoming South Africa’s first democratically elected black president, Mandela (often known by his clan name, Madiba) had been imprisoned for 27 years for his efforts to end to his country’s apartheid.

Embedded from w.soundcloud.com.