Hallelujah: R. Kelly Is Releasing A Christmas Album For 'Love-Making'

R&B singer says he's coming 'bearing gifts' in 2014 with a holiday album.

There's nothing quite like the holidays to put you in the... love-making spirit?

R.Kelly revealed in an interview with RapUpTV that he's readying a holiday album to be released in 2014. Working title: The 12 Nights of Christmas.

"It's gonna be a lot of love-making, and I come with that bearing gifts," the R&B singer said of the record.

The announcement shouldn't come as a surprise. R.Kelly contributed a smoother-than-smooth Christmas-themed ditty for "The Best Man Holiday" soundtrack earlier this season titled "Christmas I'll Be Steppin'." The track takes the season's typical winter-wonderland lyrics and mixes in some of R. Kelly's signatures swag and innuendo, because, after all, "on this night, we're celebrating love." "I can hear the sleigh bells ringing/ I can see couples under the mistletoe / There's so many happy faces on the dancefloor," he sings before promising "you're gonna jingle through the night."

Kelly, who released his eagerly anticipated Black Panties on December 10 (and is totally having a moment), says he's no Grinch when it comes to the holiday season, saying, "I started [the album] last Christmas, actually, but I don't believe in just putting out a Christmas album to sell records."

Kellz hopes to capture a very specific "moment" with his release, which can apparently only be defined by the sing-songy description he gives in the video above. "You have to take a couple of Christmases and then you have to come with it," he explained.

Fans of Black Panties should be pleased to know that Kelly claims to have up to seven or eight albums already in his head, "sitting up like rockets ready to be launched." His next 12 play is halfway written and will ease the "love making album draught, if you will."

Said Kelly: "I come to save the day."